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» About Cellulate

Cellulate is a distributed three-dimensional cellular automata modeller. It was the final-year project of a group of five students studying Computer Science at the University of Warwick. Since the completion of this coursework (May 2007) the project has been made available on Sourceforge The aim of this project is to create a customisable tool that can be used by anyone to create interesting and useful 3D CA simulations.

Features this project aims to have include:

  • A simple user interface allowing easy creation of simulations
  • A powerful rendering system to display massive simulations on any hardware
  • Distributed processing to reduce execution time
  • A powerful rules system, both scripting and visual
  • Support simulations of a billion cells or more

The features of the current version can be found here. You can contact the group via the Sourceforge website at http://sourceforge.net/projects/cellulate.

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