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Here are some examples we have generated. If you construct any CA using our software we would appreciate it if you sent us a copy of the simulation for us to publish on this website. Hopefully a good varied collection of simulations will be built up over time, this may well become one of the most comprehensive collections of 3-D cellular automata.

  • Alive 1 - Very simple rules using a boolean variable.
  • Code 942 - A 2-D sim done in 3-D, showing time in the third dimension.
  • Rule 30 - 1-D done in 2-D. Stephen Wolframs rule 30 CA.

  • Brians Brain 2-D.
  • Brians Brain 3-D - One possible 3-D variation, produces explosions.

  • Add 0.025 - Very simple 1-D in 2-D simulation.
  • Add 0.3299
  • Waves 2-D - An attempt at 2-D waves, but is not quite correct.
  • Waves 3-D - Same as 2-D but with extra dimension checks.

  • 3432 Cross - Uses 2-D codes and expands into a large ball.
  • 5554 Glider - One possible glider in 3-D.
  • 6675 Glider - Another 3-D glider with different rules.
  • Neighbour Coloured - Same as 3432 Cross but colours represent the number of neighbours.

  • Image Blur - Takes a 3-D image and performs an averaging blur.
  • Snake - Snakes more randomly in 3-D, based on the game.
  • Sand 2-D - Work in process implementation of 2-D falling sand.

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